Get Justice for Yourself or a Loved One After a Catastrophic Injury

Work with a skilled attorney in Culver City, Riverside, Fresno, San Diego, and the Greater Los Angeles, CA

Unfortunately, accidents cause fatal or life-altering injuries all too often. If your loved one passed away or sustained an injury that decreased their quality of life, turn to the Law Offices of Lee Arter. Our catastrophic injury attorney will listen to your situation with compassion and go over all your options.

We'll fight for the appropriate compensation and protect your right to your loved one's death claim. If you or a loved one suffered a catastrophic injury in Culver City, Riverside, Fresno, San Diego, or the Greater Los Angeles, CA, reach out to us today.

Discover the cases we handle

Discover the cases we handle

Whether you're dealing with minor or major injuries, you can count on us to represent you. We typically accept cases involving:

  • Premise injuries - If you slipped or tripped while on someone else's property, we'll figure out who is responsible for your accident and fight to get you financial compensation.
  • Dog bites - If you were attacked by an out-of-control dog, we'll work to prove that the owner knew their dog was dangerous and is responsible for your accident.

Do you have a personal injury case on your hands? Set up an appointment with our premise injuries attorney today.